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Mrs. Davis

Got it on me, I'ma cut the fool
I ain't wait on IG to check a motherf*cker
30 a fool for this motherf*cker

[Verse 1]
Happy wife, happy life, I took my own advice (Huh)
I think about my wife and all that she had to sacrifice (Yeah)
Real humble beginnings, now our life different
My bitch worth a half billi', yeah, my wife different (Oh damn)
So I ain't got no time for these momentary sluts (No)
I still remember visits that you made the [?] hut (Huh)
It's our anniversary, like Toni, Toni, Toni (Toni, Toni, Toni)
No Instagram relationships, that other shit be phony (Fake as hell)
Had to buy her two rings, 'cause we got married twice (Bling)
A million dollar push present 'cause she carry ice (Wow)
When I think about my life, they tried to give me life (Life)
Havin' wet dreams 'bout my spouse, while I'm clutchin' on my knife
Every time we have fun, I end up with a son (Ice)
Mix the reefer with the rum, and then I make her cum
Turned the house into a home, or should I say a mansion (True)
Now we workin' on our second one 'cause ain't no second chances (True)
I was at my worst, so you deserve my best (Yeah)
I treat you like a queen (Queen), 'cause you deserve the best (Best)
Said I'd get twenty years, she didn't break a sweat (Nah)
Went from kissin' in the jail (Mwah), to kissin' on a jet (Vroom)
It's diamonds on her wrists (Bling), it's diamonds on her neck (Brr)
You showed me loyalty, so you get all my respect (Bow)
Yeah, it's diamonds on your fists (Bling), and diamonds on your neck (Brr)
It's love and loyalty, so you get all my respect (Damn)

[Verse 2]
You know you special to me, that's why you got my last name (Huh)
Drop a sixty on a jet (Sixty), just like Kobe last game (Kobe)

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Date Added: 2022-06-19
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