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My Exclusive Sex Club

Kind ladies and good gentlemen
You've thrown your dollar down
Walk in and please experience
Feel free to stroll around
We take it to the limit
The competition's fierce
Big judy at the table here
Will help you with your pierce

And when it's done,
Jack will show you to the door¨c¨c
Or have you seen this before?
Or have you seen this before?

We've got everything in bottles
Stored in formaldehyde
For a dollar you can climb on that guy
Take him for a ride
Now do you want a leash,
Or a collar, or a whip?
And have you tasted this?
Well, everybody's had a sip

Chorus repeat

Now there's a man
He's hangin' from a hook
The lady with tattoos just looks like
A coloring book
Our club is like no other
We've got a big surprise
Tonight a man will bake a dog
And put it in a pie
And when the pie is open
The dog begins to sing
And judy will administer
That party favor thing
Now everything is hot
And everything is fine
We never close the place
Because the cops are now in line

Chorus repeat

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