Babyface - Never Forget You Lyrics

Never Forget You

Written by mariah carey, babyface (1993)Performed by mariah careyI won't see your smileAnd I won't hear youLaugh anymoreEvery nightI won't see youWalk through that door'cause time wasn't onYour sideIt isn't rightI can't say I love youIt's too late toTell youBut I really needYou to knowNo, I'll never forget youI'll never let you out of my heartYou will always be here with meI'll hold on to the memories babyBaby can you hear meWherever you[Never Forget You lyrics on http://www.elyricsworld.com]May be tonightAre you near meI need you to be byMy side'cause I never saidGoodbyeIt isn't rightI should have saidI love youWhy didn't I justTell youGod knows I needYou to knowHookSomewhere I know you'll beWith meSomeday in another timeBut right now you're goneYou just vanished awayBut I'll never leaveYou behindHook 3 times

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