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[Verse 1]
Driving down blistered severe
The rapacious maw of our despair
Black dog follows, strip club echoes
The raven's shadow across the ghetto
Up the hill in an unmarked grave
The mother of American darkness lays
Liberty or death to start the battle
There's nonesuch place for human chattel

Hanging by a threat
Now you can choke on it
Hanging by a threat
So go and choke on it
This is a reckoning
You hear the raven's scream
Hanging by a threat
So go and choke on it
[Verse 2]
Across the devil's own half acrе
There's rusted gallows for an angеl
The ghosts that built this city scream
Of commerce and inhumanity
Cancer rides the freeway's edge

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Date Added: 2022-07-02
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