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No Better Than This

[Verse 1]
We got some Hank on deck
Snoop Dog pumping
The bass behind the seats
Got my baby's butt jumping
Somebody brought a jar
Got the whole party buzzing
The word on the street
Is everybody's coming
(Everybody's coming tonight babe. Come on.)

Well it don't get
No better than this
We got the sunshine on our face
Moonshine on our lips
Well around here
This is as good as it gets
We got the summertime with my friends
Everybody take a sip
Well it don't get
Yeah it don't get better than this

[Verse 2]
Well if your beer's getting low
Go ahead and kill it
Got the Yeti in the back
Full of Bud Light chilling
(Aw that beer is getting cold)
Well if it gets too hot
Take your girl to the river
Grab a rope swing knot
Make her shiver
(Make her shiver now)


[Verse 3]
We can stay right here
Let the wind blow around
Stick our toes in the mud
Let the sun go down
Until the moonlight fades away
We can hop in my truck
And take a little ride
Hold your head out the window
Let your hair blow dry
Whatever you want to do girl
(It don't matter. Either way)


Yeah it don't get better than this
Aww it don't get better than this
(Yeah it don't get no better.)

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