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No One Gets Me

[Intro: johan lenox]
You're the only person I know who down for his
Everyone treats me like such a clown for this
Someone get me another round of this
You'll be ride or die till I ride or die
I'll be having the f*cking time of my life
But I'll be so alone if you weren't by myside

[Pre-Chorus: johan lenox]
'Cause no one wants to go out like they did before
No one wants to kick it like they did before
They'll be getting married till they get divorced
And I'll be waking up here on a bathroom floor

[Chorus: johan lenox]
They're gonna forget me
When I'm still being messy
They all wanna press me
But no one really gets me
They say they never met me
When I'm still being messy
Let 'em all attack me
No one really gets me but you
No one really gets me but you
(So f*ck the rest of 'em)
[Verse 1: johan lenox]
I've been talking in my sleep
I've been having crazy dreams
This some shit you won't believe
And I don't know what it means

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