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No Panties

I ain't got no panties on, ain't got no panties on (Ayy)
I ain't got no panties on (Ayy) on the dance floor

[Verse 1]
B-Baby, this some fenty, I don't do no Vicky secrets
Please, don't take no pictures of me, bae, it's giving sneaky
We can't make no flick, you gon' get mad and try to leak it, ayy
This p*ssy like a perky, give him some, he started geekin'

Bae, you see I got these panties on
If you nasty, come and eat it with my panties on
p*ssy get wetter for a nigga when his money long
Still can get left alone, ain't tricking on me
Thеn he spending all his money wrong
[Verse 2]
I'm tryna see what you gon' do bеhind this p*ssy
I need a ride or die, is you the Bill to my Suki?
Matter fact is you gon' kill behind that p*ssy
I gotta put me first, you the Lucious to my Cookie

You giving head then I'm on the way
What you said? You like a bitch that got that water taste
If you eat that p*ssy, eat that ass, bae, go all the way
I don't wanna see you, bae, I wanna see that Carti face
I look in the mirror when I wanna see the finer things

Bae, you see I got these panties on

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Date Added: 2022-06-19
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