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Nothing To Lose

You better double up our double down
I heard that Lenny Spooks was dead
They're putting shiny copper pennies
On his tiny little head
Horses they still run
Ladies of the night
Still walk these streets in patent leather shoes
They're is blood on every corner
But momma I don't mind
You know I ain't got nothing to lose
They said we were gonna have a good time
They said that everyone was invited
We all went down to Hollywood California
But honey don't get too excited
They'll tie you to the railroad spine
They'll run you through your paces
They'll leave you stranded in the shadows
Dying in the pews
Till you ain't got nothing to lose
Time may come and heal the pain inside my heart
But I know these scars they will never fade away
Tomorrow's not a promise that's what she used to say
Boy you just be lucky that you eve got today
And though I'm barely breathing I ain't shaking in my shoes
You know I ain't got nothing to lose
You better double up or double down
You know there ain't know way to fight it
Not with your nickel plated shirt stains
Not with your bottles of dilauded
You're lying in the sun drowning in the night
You got everything 'cept something I can use
There's blood on every corner but momma I don't mind
You know I ain't got nothing to lose

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