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Ocean Gang

Bitch ass niggers talking
Soulja boy gonna go an kill them
Real talk bitch show me the millions
Money packing to the ceiling
Throw that shit above the building
Real talk I’m gonna get it
Sod we smoke that cronic
You bitches rolling midgets
Pussy boys don’t want cause I own it
Lamas want it, bitch I’m standing in the cage
And you know they’re not so brave
Bitch I’m standing in the A,
And I post upon the block, a hundred million like a copper
… down my nigger … falling down my pocket
It’s the hundreds and the cash, I’m post upon the block
200 hundred cash in bags I put the stash I rash
I go ham on cash you niggers know my name
You bitches know it’s not a game
Real talk I fly them hoes, the same old
Gucci purple yellow mango gold like ill ill
We can’t go swag out the ass I pass by the dash
Say 200 and 40 look at the performance
… go ham, …door slam
No nigger know I’m pulling racks
Got money later across the floor …
We count money … you talk shit, you get ill
With the whole club, it’s on me,
That’s on him, the whole squad … we do it big, …
Nigger … shows all across the fucking world
Fucking with that baby girl, …
Is bizy on top, everybody knows that
Pop your bitch ass quick like a down Prozac
Everybody know me, so … od
I’ma keep on going ham,
All niggers gonna hate me
Y’all niggers gonna face me,
No one can replace me
Soulja Boy I’m on top, I smoke purple and go crazy
… real talk I’m on 2, real talk I’m on 3
Aka a … bag, I … zone 3
And zone 1 zone 6 we talk bricks you toast this
We talk loose hit a nigger with the whole thang
I go bang, I will swang, out the front
All bumping, out the frame
Shouts out to Memphis, shouts out to zone 1
Shouts out to … we own now
Lil drey I’m so proud
Rolling that down loud
I blow the damn hoes, she take off her clothes
I am the shit if you hate nigger face it
Yellow diamond watch ear ring and the bracelet
God damn I’m so own I feel like I’m so high
Post up above the clouds like I am a satellite
God damn we’re on the night
In the club, vip, so I see the … like god damn
Should have called a driver
Supply the lane, supply the purp
Supply the king, I’m a thing for Louie Vuitton
God damn, I’m a … rip hard from zone one
…stupid bitches no fun
Real talk I’m a prophet, money falling down the pocket
Louie Vuitton Wiley, god damn I’m high bitch
God damn I’m in the cockpit, on a g5 and the damn clouds
God damn I’m all loud, lil drey so proud
… god damn we her bro, real talk we’re on us
We’re everywhere you wanna be but you can’t have that
Get back you … bitch, sod be savage
Hit your ass with the whole club, pull up on the whole …
All you see is … inside of cars…
All you see is cash, all you see is swag
All you see is Louis Vuitton and limited bags
All you see is real ass niggers that’s talking cash
All you see is motherfucking 4 tanks of gas
Lambos, audisens, all of that shit
Pull up to the strip with them hoes on the dick
They saying damn drey, you didn’t blew up like a hoe
I feel like a real pimp when I’m talking to a hoe
I feel like hundred bricks, I feel like a hundred lips
I feel like a player and a mayor took a hundred…
I feel like a prophet bitch with money in pocket bitch
I feel like .. yeah I rock it bitch
…self made, self paid,
… bitch we player, sod so greater,
Out living all the haters
Nigger my bag against the wall with the pistol
And I’ma pop till they get the fuck out my way
And I pop, I got this red game love
And the combination swag
Type it in, d9, exes on the pad, ah
You though it was over
I’m high and that’s over
I swag from January to October to December
Can you remember when I was ice style with the …
So you could … on me, bitch.

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