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OMG Part 2

[Chorus: Soulja Boy
God damn, Oh my God (15x)

[Verse 1: Soulja Boy]
Real nigga movement, young nigga year
Lookin so fresh, you'd thought I was a queer
Feeling like homer simpson drinkin out a beer
Money in the front, with the lean in the rear
Get him out of here, swag of the year
Young Soulja Boy, I went and tattooed all my tears
Damn I had no fears, I feel like a bitch
Shoutouts to Lil B, I'm sitting on my dick
Pull up to the trap, hoes like damn
All this fucking money, bitch I think I'm uncle sam
Tatted on my wrist and my clip don't jam
Soulja Boy Tell Em, in the kitchen cooking yams
Trap goin ham, speakers going hammer
Took your main bitch, then I bammed her and I bammed her
Yeah, I rammed her than I jammed her
Nutted in her mouth
I fucked that bitch in Alabamer

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