Bad Religion - Only Entertainmentk Lyrics

Only Entertainmentk

Transfixated on the big blue screenits your window to the outsidea melancholy dreama medium upon which you build realitythis episodic currencythat everybody needssomebodies delivery lulls you to sleepthe man behind the weather mapthe editor in chiefthey control two worldspower and diseaseand you cannot supress you curiositybut see it's only entertainmentsuperficial urgencyposterboard mentalityonly entertainemnttightly constrainedthe buzz that remainsis the story of how we run our livesmany our the people poor and sufferingfrom the lack of coveragefrom the transmission beamand if it ever gets thereyou'll be offended too'cause you cannot distinguishchicanery from truthsee it's only entertainmenta superficial episodeas life continues to unfoldonly entertainmentcontrolled and copiedthey've planted the seedthat sprouts into your picture of the worldcan't someone protect me (turn away, turn away)from this electron beam?hey you, Mr. FCChave you no advice for me?

Date Added: 2007-04-26
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