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Slaughterhouse - Onslaught (Lyrics)

[Joell Ortiz]

[Royce Da 5'9"]
This is Slaughterhouse
We goin right into it
You scared yet niggas?

[Verse 1: Royce Da 5'9"]
You're dealin' with a four headed monster
Y'all are John McCain, you can't lift your arms up
These paranas, live by a certain code of conduct
Fuck fly hoes and blow ganjah, he a prophet, predict shit
The year 2029 is gonna be the apocalypse caused by the aprophit
Me, I got it lock and key
Tell the labels we 'bout to go on a shopping spree
And if y'all don't wanna sign us, you corny
Tell your hoes swallows two of these nuts and call us in the morning
We the answer, to the dance floor please
You gotta fuck us all bitch you can't Ortiz
Budden, Crooked, Nickel damn Roy please
We up in this bitch like trans ???
We the Voltron crew, it's whatever your folks wan' do
We turn this bitch into Socom 2
I'm the best rapper alive, Lil' wayne's migraine
Jay-Z's headache, touchin' want the lead ain't
Motherfuck your feelings
You don't know with what you're dealin'
To catch up, you must be speilin'
I'm amongst hustlas killin'
Money stacks touch the ceiling, what a fuckin' feelin'
You will never feel, you will never sell
You can't see me, feel me
They should use my knuckles instead of brail
I walk into ?toast? feelin' like how the fuck is talk is cheap
Talk is what's gon cost you the most, I'm the one really yo
I'm the gun spark like Omilio, you a J-Hood done video
That ain't a diss so please don't diss me
The mag barrel longer than the cheese on 50
I tell a bitch click your heel twice and ease on with me
This is the life... we gone!

[Verse 2: Joe Budden]
I ain't with the leanin' and rockin'
That ain't even seen as an option
Nigga as a teen I was mobbin'
Stick up more it's in his jeans than I'm robbin'
Might walk around like the thing get to cockin'
But I ain't even trynna be seen when it's poppin'
You ain't seen hoppin' til you seen with a Rocket
Pull up lookin' real clean in a drop and...
I ain't hit the bing or cot since
Dog tell your whole team you cannot win
Til they make some kinda vaccine I'm a problem
I don't sleep on a soul, get that wrong
Even Ben Vereen could get tapped on
Clapped on, mashed on, like M.O.
My M.O. is Rambo ammo, got money now so there's marble on the handle
On wax so let's beef with no handles
Dismantled, Click.. Bam!
Got some shit your man won't withstand
I make the hood like V.I.P.
Now you can't even get in without a wristband
I'm just bland...
Learned when you walk with your head too high is when shit hits the fan
Damn, Grant Hamblin, grand tamperin'
In two bars I'll send your mans scramblin'
Now how it feels to throw punches and can't land 'em
Or be powerless, while you can't stand 'em
And treat Comp like Richard Simmons
Behind closed doors the boy gon man-handle him
Get out-paced til you out the race
If you worried about your face... about face!
Cause, if you ain't all about papes
Then nigga you a trans-gender... all outta place!

[Verse 3: Crooked I]
When I face off picture a thug missin' his mug
Any particular stick in the mud could get hit with a scud
Missile... til he's drippin' ridiculous blood
If you... rather stick to the fist and the gloves
Then you, gettin' hit on...
More the prettiest bitch in the club
Nigga I'm ichin' to bug, ichin' like a syphilis dick
Ichin' like the skin of a bitch addicted to drugs
Just to hit you with slugs I did it because - I wanted to
Shoot you in the back of your head from the front of you
That's what the gun'll do...
All I do is son ol' niggas on the W
All I do is make all new comers come a new
[Onslaught Lyrics On ]
I ain't lyin' sir...
And you ain't gotta see Tim Duncan jump to see a flyin' spur
Bentley boy, no it's not H to the Izzo
But I push Buddens like Jay shudda did Joe
People choice, the voice of my time with Royce Da 5'9"
We ??? and night shine, I let Joell poison my mind
Grab a silencer and kill y'all noise with my nine
As Spalding balls'll get tossed in a hoop
Pierce from Boston explain how often I shoot
I'ma Molotov crossed with a nuke
See I swallow liquor bottles til they hollow, then I crawl in the booth
I'm the truth, prolly grab Crooked
You prolly have a cardiac, heart attack when I autograph bullets
More caskets, put so much money on your head
When my gunners are done, man they owe taxes
Bull-legged, knocked kneed, one irregular shoe
And you supposed to be stepping to who?
Tell 'em all Crooked came for war
The best ever on the west... unless your last name Shakur!

[Verse 4: Joell Ortiz]
Just be easy, buddy relax
please don't have me bloody my axe
Or revvin' my chainsaw to sever your brain off
With no concentration I'm better than Adolf
Never been laid off, forever put in work
Beats and skeets I fucked every bitch that ever said I was a jerk
It's like you cuter when you work manuevers
Got every dot com in my palm and Iunno how to work computers
Yeah it's true Slaughterhouse, I know you heard the rumors
That's true but in '02 every verse was ruder
Then you worthless losers
So we formed a four alien alliance, just dying to earth intruders
Everybody's a president, bunch of Herbert Hoovers
If what I said had legs it could burn a cougar
Speaking of burn, I'm Hip-Hops 60 shoots of Henny on the rocks
You egg-nog with a squirt of Kaluha
Can't lie it's mad fun being Zoned
My straight your lean liek Gumby's dome
A lot of guys don't want me on
But as long as I get in the spot with my fist my gun be home
I will beats you dudes like you stole from moms
In an audience of shows I just fold my arms
I'm so disappointted in you new rap guys
I'm like no! C'mon, how did he do that..? Why?
Oh no, and diggy do that though
I'm MC so-and-so where's my ringtone dough
See that ain't gon cut it as long as I'm around
That goes for every: thing, person or place that describes a noun
It's J-O-E-double what I never take,
Whoever feel they can gimme my first one then set a date
I'll be there like a young Mike Jack
Hip-Hop prayed and God gave Pun right back!

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