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Well I been breakin' rocks up on coolie #3
I knnow it's been forever, thought you'd
Never hear from me
The weather up here is rotten
Rainin' granite all the time
And both moons are glowin'purple
And there is no sun to shine
I been diggin' deep down in a tunnel
That goes twenty miles down
And I know my life is cheap
When I hear that rumblin' sound
Oh the overlords, got me workin' overtime
Oh the overlords, they never make it rhyme
And there is something in the air
That is burnin' in my throat
A big, black cloud is passin'
Droppin' acid on my coat
The overlords got me workin' overtime
It's been ten years and a day
After world war nine
They pushed us to make meaning
And fromheir meaning was our crime
Last night I had a dream
When the guards all fell asleep
I jumped a fence outside this pen
And then I hot wired up the warden's jeep
And I took a walk...
I still remember all those nights we had
Together up on Mars
We both stood in line to get some new tattoos
While the kids got cut some scars
And when they check the beds tonight
They'll find a note scratched in the pine
You now can seek me underground
Where I'll be monkey-wrenchin' all the time
>From a planet out in space, a signal you could trace
Controllin' what you feel but you never see their face
Oh the overlords, got me workin' overtime
Stan Ridgway Overlords

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