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I told the dumb bitch I dropped close to a quarter mil on the motherfucking vehicles
You already know
Shouts out the motherfucking Ocean Gang bitch
SOD Money Gang you already know
Motherfucking swag nigga splash out this bitch SUSHI!

[Verse 1: Soulja Boy]
Yellow chain on me, nigga I swag you already know
Came in this ocean gang, we might splash on your ho
10 rings niggas know, bitch I'm that fucking nigga
Word around town my last whip cost 8 figures
Ocean mobb we gonna splash
My young nigga, he got the cash
I tote the uzi like Tony Montana
My young niggas in West Atlanta got so much fucking cash
Bitch you know I got swag
Bag came from Artel
Bitch I got swag for sale
Black jag, yellow bone in the passenger, I damage her
Heavenly ready you see me nigga I'm cashed up you can't handle us
Goddamn Soulja posted up in California
You don't them goons on you, they'll blitz your room homie
I'm so motherfucking fresh, I'm so fly nigga you know it
When I pull up to the trap, all that cash damn I blow it

[Hook: Soulja Boy]
Paper x6
Man we getting paper
Paper x6
All about that paper

[Verse 2: Soulja Boy]
Everyday I'm getting money came out the water like an anaconda
My young nigga, he 14, he tote the uzi I ain't even stuntin'
I ain't even frontin', got a gold grill
My young bitch, she gonna keep it real
She gonna suck my dick while I roll up
Nigga young nigga, Imma pour up
My hood is what I throwed up
All my jewelry frozed up
A lame nigga can't get close to us
Show much money on my shoulder bruh
Los Vegas at MGM
Belt Buckle was MCM
50 bitches in the swimming pool you know a nigga gonna take a swim
Cashed up bruh I put that money on your head
Bitch you heard what I said
Got that Bentley painted red
Goddamn my swag is turnt up, I came from another planet
Outstanding immaculate swag
Got a hater like goddamn it
Kill yourself, bitch slap yourself
I'm that nigga that you wanna be
Ocean Gang, Blast Gang palm tree 600 deep!

[Hook: Soulja Boy]
Paper x6
Man we getting paper
Paper x6
All about that paper

[Verse 3: Soulja Boy]

My bitch suck my dick on my fucking private jet
I'm on the shit on the internet, goddamn I'm the best
Lil Dre flex 10 chains ain't gotta stress
Bitch you know what my damn name my campaign finesse
Man goddamn it's Lil Dre
Close enough to Soulja
Goddamn we stupid deep
Bitch, you can't fuck with OGOD
Imma smoke until I OD, all these bitch ass niggas know me
All my jewelry is so frozen, came out the water I'm so holy
And you know your main bitch chose me (She did)

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