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I got a pretty good performance
When I'm standing on the stage, they screaming my name
And they looking at the diamonds inside of my chain
I got a pretty good performance
When I'm standing on the stage they looking at my chain
Everybody know what I rep is the money gang

[Verse 1]
Back again, with the shit
S.O.D gang, God damn we make hits
Got a hundred on my chain, oh my God I'm filthy rich
'Bout the bring the pain again, Soulja tell 'Em in this bitch
And I'm standing on the stage, yeah they scream my name
50 up, go ahead and go and make it rain
I'm a do this, let's do it
I'm a go ahead and throw it
You fucking know it, now watch me blow it
Turned up to the max, let's do it fucking big
I'm a take to my city and show you where I live
Down with them killers, they'll cut you down to half
Everybody know I got a hundred on the map though
One here, two here
Three million dollars
Mansions, ballin'
Soulja pop them collars
And everywhere I go man you can't follow them models
They taking pictures of me cause I stay poppin the bottles
I stay in gollados, I stay with the models
I stay in the club, SOD popping halos
And you know what my name be, you know what the gang be
You see the fucking chain mane, you know that shit crazy


[Verse 2]
Looky here, I'm a show these niggas where we fucking be
Looky here, tell 'em that we getting 400 g's
Looky here, everything is iced with flat screens
Looky here, oh my God Soulja Boy done trampolined
And jumped off the damn map, then jumped off the damn trap
And jumped out the hood and put the set on the damn neck
Now go and run and tell 'em boys that we ain't backing down, nope
Got them fuckin rounds, yeah a hundred of the ammo
Soulja Boy my name, dressed up in camo
I'm hunting all my chains, yes I make hits
Yes I'm with your girl and I made her suck that dick
Hundred on my whip, God damn I be the shit
I'm still 1UP, I'm still set to rob
I'm west side on simpset, I'm 'bout to put it down
You niggas know my name
Buckhead yellow diamond shawty drop top range


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