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Phil Stacey's defining moment on American Idol came during Country Week, well into the competition. Country Week was the first one that had anything to do with my background," he says. "It was my chance to sing music I could really relate to, that drew on who I am and what I'd grown up around." Phil's path toward a country music career began in a childhood molded by two equally strong influences. The first was the ministry, which had shaped both sides of his family for generations. The other was music. Phil grew up singing in church and later became a member of the prestigious Lee Singers.

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Phil Stacey Lyrics
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Short Information
Phil Stacey
Birth Name
Joel Philip Stacey
Birth Date
21 January 1978
Richmond, Kentucky, United States
Country music|Country, Contemporary Christian music|CCM
Years Active
Lyric Street Records|Lyric Street, Reunion Records|Reunion
Associated Acts
Rascal Flatts
Jason Sellers