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Prayer For You (Interlude)

Intro:(baby crying)
prayer for you, i pray to you
you want someone that bad?(baby crying)

Song: Just the simple thought of you leaves everything, to my life you give meaning your the best thing, your so precious my gift for life that's why i send you of this prayer, i pray for your protection, your cu rend
that everything insended for you
you received and i believe who gotcha lord out of my prayer
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Chorus: Pray for you, I pray to you,(ohh) I pray for you, pray for you

my prayer,
I do my best to be there for you everyday, to be what my father wished he was to me, baby I got you, daddy you'll be there (yea,yea,ya,ya) I'll be there, to encourage you to be the best you can be
you carry my name, I pray that your better than me

You ain't going no where, even when I get on your nerves, cause I'm your daddy

my prayer for you, son I pray for you

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