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I went to the dumpster today
Threw away all my weed and made a commitment to you
What kind of woman would I be if I was a decay to you
I'm not living for me but for you too
God really got me this time, joy in my boohoo
He hit me when I wasn't expecting it, like what it do
Truth is I was ready for it, but was not looking, who knew
I'm getting my life together and I want you to know its for you, for us, I'm future fruits
You are all I need and more
Love me baby, baby, please
Sun rise again and kiss me

I picture us walking together at the park I asked you to take me
Like norbit, hold my hand, I'm your girlfriend
Because you're glued so get ready for a ride
I'm not letting you go, I don't want to fight
I know you and baby we got work to do
Hold me tight all through the night
I'll make love to you

Say goodbye to those monsters, I pray for you
For healing and the best love for my man
I pray for your happiness and richness in health
Prosperity and clarity, life with lots of love, surrounded with family members and healthy bellies
A renewed heart and mind, body and soul
Knowledge in light, confusion dies, awaken your spiritual man, I see your wings now
Divine protection, abundance in new life
With me, here's to ours

God really loves you because he gave you me
Not talking about my beauty, even though I'm a hottie
These hands are blessed and can relieve all your stress
My mind is beautiful and I'll make you look and feel your best
That smile, they will know it's me
Good loving and food, they will wonder why you left me
Just tell them you were mine from the beginning
Always will be! You thought you left me?

Date Added: 2017-08-21
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