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Prelude To Battle

O.K.,O.K.,so the situation is this
You want to step to me;
You want to do me some'in?
Well what? Yeah,what!?
See this? You can't do me none
You think you're all dat? Ha ha!!
Big,bad and bold?
Well hear this! Hear this! Learn this!
Remember this!
You ain't none! you ain't none!
Hey,I better calm down
'Cause maybe I'm getting a bit too excited,right now
Right here,right now
But I'm still gonna break you off though
Believe this! Believe this! Learn this!
It's not big enough for the both of us
It's not big enough for me and you to trust
So I'm gonna have to do what I do best
Break you off 'n nothing less
Hear this! Come on ! Learn this!
Step me 'n I'll crush you like the bitch you is
You're a can of pop without the fizz
You're a bottle or brandy without the alcohol
You're a shopping centre without the mall
Woooh! ha! Yeah!(etc..)
Whatcha gonna do
I'm throwing down the gauntlet
You'll run when I'm not chasing you
Whatcha gonna do ,whatcha gonna do
I'm issuing a challenge,you won't
know what the hell to do...
Come on!
It's gonna be so much fun when I snap your neck
I'll give you the first blow,oh,what the heck!
I'm getting so mad right now
I don't even want to go there
I don't even want to go there
(last words repeated)
If you think you can step to me then please try,
Let us go there,you and I
Sagisu Shiro Prelude To Battle

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