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Private Valet

Yo don't ever call yourself a man if you can't keep your composure n***a
Straight up, [?] gang for you
Uh, back on my shit, fresh off the tour bus
Straight back to it

[Verse 1]
Yeah, Lambo Evo press a couple buttons park it right by the speed boat
Sipping on some real shit, touchdown Chi town making a real bitch
Colored eyes brown skin and you know she real thick
'nother half a million dollars spent but I sleep good
Talking big numbers with the bitch while I grip the wood
Check it out, all these big facts though she heared me out
Heated toilets in the bathroom said it's eaten us out
She got a whole situation
But ready to risk it all
I ain't with the drama
When you rеady, just give me a call
I know I'm just checking thе mail but got that shit on
I'm a little younger than dude but still big grown

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Date Added: 2022-07-25
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