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Purple Kush

(Purple Kush Blower, Purple Kush Smoker, Purple Drank Drankin' Money On Tha Floor)

Im so high eyes red as fire
Smoke so much weed dancin in tha sky
Shots of patron dowin witha beer
Bitches in my ear but i cant hear
Cause im in a zone I aint goin home
im sendin drunkin' texts out on my phone
its my birthday its a party
yea a nigga drunk yea im shit faced
and im poppin pills i dont give a damn
where a nigga is im goin ham
see you at tha bar see in tha park
see you suckin my dick in tha back of my car.


I got purple in my cup purple in my blunt
pull up to tha trap like shawty what you want
bricks in da fender tha moneys in tha trunk
bust tha baggies open.theres nothin up in my funk
tha whole hood know me tha whole hood love me
tha haters want above me
Bitches wanna fuck me get money like nike
boy just do it my money so dumb
my swag go stupid i dont drink crisp
i drink purple fruity bitch these are dimonds
these are not cootys im leanin' right now
this purple shit tha truth and im high right now
im smokin in tha booth.

Strawberry cigarillos full of tha purple roll up that blunto
light up that purple mind in a circle cuz we on our third blunt
buff weed smokers get up on our third hut
walkin in tha club throwed smell a bunny on my clothes
inhale tha cush blow tha smoke out my nose
niggas know tha loud let me imphasize
a nigga sell loud crowed tryna avertize
hynessye fif to my lips now im straight mayen
fresh off of purple so im rollin lika freight train
gucci shoes gucci bandana suckas hate mayen
40 stacks at tha mall like im flippin cakes mayen

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