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Purple Love

Let us bear witness to this historical moment together
(Purple love)

Purple love
Shawty done fell in love with them drugs
She in the back seat booting it up
No matter where no matter why
There's always a reason to get high
Take me for a ride, let's go to the sky
Look me in my eyes, make sure you don't lie
Cause the last thing I want is for you to die
LSD tabs, Adderall pills, we both know this ain't real
Don't play with your life, drugs cut like a knife
I need you every day and I need you every night
I'm too far gone, might go on a run
f*ck having fun, I'm here to make bands yea

Roll back the window let's look at the sun
Say you hate me you crazy or sum
I always want the best for you
I told you to lay low
Don't look at me that way you know I'm no hero

Yea one more time and I'm gone
I'm done with all your shit
It must be the drugs that's it
Pop pills every day like you pop some zits
Don't look at me like I don't know shit
Made this on my own I don't owe shit

Took her to the O on some King Von shit

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Date Added: 2022-09-08
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