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Put Your Hands Up

{We about to set this motherfucker off in here tonight!}
{It be like da, da, da-da-da, da}
{This that real shit dawg, real shit dawg.. c'mon, c'mon, come}
{What you say?} Mr. Smith
{Nigga, what you say?} I said my name is Mr. Smith
{Yo, I want you to state the business}
{You know what I want y'all to do?} Do your thing, do your thing, uhh
{I said put your hands in the motherfuckin air - where?}
{Put your hands in the motherfuckin air}
{I know you like hoes} Yes {I know you got cars} Yes
{I know you spit bars} Yes {I know you like stars}
{But put your hands in the motherfuckin air - you hear me?}
{Put your hands in the motherfuckin air - LADIES}
{I know your nails done} Yes {I know your hair done} Yes
{I know your toes done} Yes {I know you look good - bitch}
{But put your hands in the motherfuckin air - right}
{Put your hands in the motherfuckin air - c'mon, c'mon}
{BITCH!} Uhh {BITCH!} Uhh uhh
{BITCH!} Uhh {BITCH!} Uhh uhh
[LL Cool J]
Papi way too pimply to live this fast life simply
Please squeeze at them twin armored Bentleys, I love envy
Evidently, the pesos made 'em resent me
Cause I clown on 'em, pull they broad gently, leave the bar empty
I pimp Benzoes, you smell cherry air freshener
Leather and indo, I cruise slow spit slick lingo
You might mingle with more stars than Ringo
on the beach in Santo Domingo lightin trees with singles
But I'm a mandingo I make your guts tingle
'til your doorknockers jingle, stack chips like Pringles
Ball like the Bengals, spread love like Kris Kringle
Get paid off the single, let them dollars co-mingle
Baby, baby, deep dish is chrome, navy
Gray interior you feel inferior, it's crazy
It's over baby your visionc12

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