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Rebelution (Intro)


You know they say

Yo know

God closes a door to open a window


Lifes funny like that

Lifes like a big blessing in disguise

Thats how you know, you live and you learn

but the biggest thing is you gotta learn how to live


Kno we live and die if you really gonna think about it

So maybe life starts
Once we die

Something for you all to think about, but heres my life~

My father sold dope. My mother shes a genius.
My father met her stripping even though it was inconvenient.

They made me a hustler, now Im handing out some _______ to all the smug boys who claim to be the realists.

I'm tired of all this shit but I can't see myself cutting my wrists.
No, hell no.

Theres plenty of times I'd unplug my own mind and told myself fuck you bitch,

I've helped build careers, I've helped build Miami,
but most of all I've helped my dawgs build families.

I'm a different creature, no mistakin me for my features,
what runs deep in my viens schools dont fuckin teach ya
These companies don't give a fuck how they treat ya

So I ate a gang of oysters and a whole lot of cone so prepare to get straight forward.

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