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Rescue Me

Featuring Teddy Riley

Yo, yo
Somebody felt my ass
Yo, who felt my ass?
That's the way y'all wanna play
I got'cha
Yo Mo, uh huh, TR
Yo Mo, the verse, ah

I feel you checkin' me
I'm all up in your steeze
My favorite jam is on
Don't make me wait too long
So what'cha gonna do
I'll back it up for you
If you can do me right
You can take me home tonight

This is just a taste
I'll give you on the dance floor
Let me feel you rock
Maybe you'll get some more
And to my surprise I feel your rise
Your score is high
Meet me at the bar
We're gonna handle ours, come on

1 - Rescue me
Take me out this club
I'll be your fantasy
Be my destiny
Take me home with you
Do all the things you do
We'll go on and on
'Till the break of dawn

You know I'm with my crew
But I'll go home with you
You see it's been so long
I wanna see you take it off
Listen close to me
This how it's gonna be
We're gonna dance some more
Then we're sneakin' out the door

As we're dancin', see you sweatin'
Damn, it turns me on
Um, I can't wait 'till I'm comin out this thong
When you take me home, don't waste no time
Don't need no bed, don't need no lines
Just make me moan
Cause I gets my freak on and on

Repeat 1 (2x)

I'll meet you at your car
I'll follow you home
Rescue me (So we can bone)
Fulfill my fantasy
I'm in my navi your five hundred is fast
(Take a drive in the five)
Take me home, take me home

Once inside I'll be your ride, come on (Yeah)
Can you handle it?
Just for tonight, can't you see in my eyes
It's on

Repeat 1 (2x)

Repeat 1 while:
[TR] Break down
[M] You ready to go?
[TR] Uh huh
[M] My truck's around the corner
[TR] Let's go
[M] Your spot?
[TR] Uh huh
[M] Or my spot
[TR] Let's go to my spot
[M] It doesn't matter
[TR] Come on
[M] I'll follow you
[TR] Nah
[M] Come on
[TR] You get in my car
[M] Dong dong
[TR] Click

[TR] Uh uh
[M] Yeah
[TR] Uh uh
[M] That's right

Yeah, lets take it fast
Just put it in second gear
Let's do something like this
Come on
You like that?
You like that?
Now what you want me to do?
Tell me what you want me to do
Let's take it to the next level
In the car
Let's do it
You feel me? Uh
Rescue me
Yo Mo, break down

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