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Rza Lyrics
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Short Information
Birth Name
Robert Fitzgerald Diggs
Prince Rakeem, The Scientist (As member of Force of the Imperial Masters, later known as All in Together Now Crew) The Abbot (As member of Tommy Boy Records) , Rzarector (As a member of Gravediggaz) , Bobby Digital, Bobby Steels, Prince Dynamite, Prince Delight, Ruler Zig-Zag-Zig Allah
5 July 1969
Brownsville, Brooklyn|Brownsville, Brooklyn, New York
Staten Island, New York, United States
Rapping, guitar, piano, keyboard instrument|keyboards, zither, Sampler (musical instrument)|sampler
Hip hop music|Hip hop
Rapper, CEO, record producer, actor, screenwriter, author, Television director|director
Years Active
Tommy Boy Records|Tommy Boy/Warner Bros. Records
Wu-Tang Records/Razor Sharp Records|Razor Sharp/Epic Records|Epic/36 Chambers Records/Wu Music Group/Wu-Tang International/Sony Music Entertainment|SME Records
Virgin Schallplatten|Virgin/EMI|EMI Records
Koch Records
Associated Acts
Wu-Tang Clan, Gravediggaz, Easy Mo Bee, Kanye West, Eslam Jawaad, Kool G Rap
Notable Instruments
E-mu SP-1200
Roland MC-909
Roland MV-8000
Roland MV-8800
Ensoniq|Ensoniq-16 plus