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Safri Duo is a Danish percussion duo composed of Uffe Savery (born April 5, 1966) and Morten Friis (born August 21, 1968). Initially classically oriented, by 1999 they were discovered by a label executive working on classical music. After being signed, a track mixing both tribal sound and modern electronica was set to be released in 2000 The result was the tremendously popular "Played-a-live (The Bongo Song)," that became one of the most popular songs in Europe that year.

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Safri Duo Lyrics
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Short Information
Safri Duo
Copenhagen, Denmark
World Music
Contemporary classical
Trance music|Trance
Years Active
Associated Acts
Clark Anderson
Michael McDonald (singer)|Michael McDonald
Aqua (band)|Aqua
Current Members
Uffe Savery
Morten Friis