Mario - Sexual Healing Lyrics

Sexual Healing

get up, get up, get up, (oh baby).
Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up.
(I wanna operate).
Oh baby, now lets get down tonight. (lets get down tonight) oh sugar.
I can't wait no longer, when you get home baby, im gonna put it on ya.
cause, when i get that feeling, i want sexual healing, sexual healing (oh baby), makes me feel so fine & its good for us, helps to releve my mind.
Oh baby, sexual healing girl its good for you, make you say mariooooo.
I know you think that you arnt my only one, how many times do i have to prove that you have my love oh baby, even though i got enough love to go around, i show you love, that your heart stays close to mine.
I wana get deeeeeeep & deeeper baby, til i touch ur soulllll.
Sexual healing baby, is good for me, sexual healing, is something thats good for me.
Dont try to hold, ohh just let it go, girl im lovin ur thighs, i can make u feel like ohhhhhh. Dont you remember oh that last december, i was giving you more than your body could take, come this way im bout to operate.
Get up, get up, get up, get up. (love me)
Lets make love tonight.
Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up.
Cos you do it right.
Girl turn me up & let me come through your speakers blow the sound out of ur tweakers. cos baby.
Shorty dont be scared, Shorty dont be scared, just let the bassline hit ya, boom boom all up in ya system.
Cos baby.
Girl let my frequency just flow through your body, get this party started(party started) cos baby, baby girl this is the music for love.Yeah ohhh
Dont wanna be alone, when you got that music, call your baby on the phone, dont wanna be alone, tellin u just first, what the games been missin baby yeaaah

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