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Sheikh Talk

That's Sheikh talk
Sheikh talk

[Verse 1]
Uh, left Dubai on a high note
Spent a million on myself, bitch, I'm ghost
Nigga try to slide on me but I never froze
In the club 'til it close like Diplo
Outside and I'm post like Phil [?]
Big rings like a nigga won the SuperBowl
Vegas two-story suites, I'm at the top floor
I'm in town for one night, let's link, ho
Chalta rha me idhar udhar (Yeah, let's link, ho)
Hot nigga, she gon' blow me like Niso
Twenty thousand ones, left it at the Rhino ([?])
But she like lino
Hoes still ain't loyal but what do I know?
Hey, I can count the money with my eyes closеd
Crypto millions, sittin' on a iPhone (Chalta rha me idhar udhar)
Yeah, wholе team, that's your loss
She left you for a baller, that's your fault (Your fault)
Move bitch, let the money walk (Walk)
You wanna be a boss but you all talk (All talk, chalta rha me idhar udhar)
Three girlfriends and they all hot (Hot)
Like a Flintstones, still make the bed rock (Bed rock)
Move bitch, let the money walk (Walk)
Bitch, I'm a boss, that's Sheikh talk (Chalta rha me idhar udhar)

[Verse 2]
She left you for a baller, that's your fault (Your fault)
Don't need complex, it's the simple things
I been cookin' twelve years, still sizzling

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