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Show Out (Remix)

[Hook x4: Young Jeezy]
Everytime I go out, you know I gotta show out

[Verse 1: Pimp C]
Light green, northern lights, gettin' sucked into midnight
Blue Jag, white Range, candy car, kryptonite
I be proin', I keep these bitches hoeing
Want a date? Straight-up pimp
If you want some, you can find me in the H-Town
Bobby by the pound, Whitney by the ki
And bitch, my dick was never free
Didn't know if I wanted to rap or sell coke
Cause niggas like me ain't never broke
I traded in my Pyrex for a shiny Rolex
The bitches want sex, but all I'm fuckin' with is checks
I'm smokin' out, pouring up, whippin' my DeVille
Took out the air bag, put in a wood wheel


[Verse 2: Juicy J]
I've got rocks in my watch, I've got mud in my Sprite
I'm ridin' low key, and I'm high as a kite
Juicy that nigga, you niggas gon' learn
This ice on my neck gave me freezer burn
I'm not goin' broke like MC Hammer
Still blowin' money like birthday candles
Your bitch in my whip and she's gone off the mollies
My eyes be Chinese and my doors know karate
Bitch, I'm so rich and you know what I like
Some drugs, couple of bitches that dyke
One of them hoes that I'm fuckin' just might be your wife
Take her then give her this pipe, rollin' papers, we blazin' up
Take a chick out shopping, she wanna fuck
Wanna speak to me? You don't make enough
Get your money right, stop saving these sluts
Hit single and a world tour, fuck you mean?
That's more cream
In a hotel, on the top floor gettin' more head than oil sheen
Nigga feelin' like Rambo, got a fully automatic in my Lambo'
Rich nigga still country like a banjo
Shoot a nigga 'til i run out of ammo
And I've got an R&B chick 'bout to get fucked silly
I'm trippy, she trippy, showtime, let's get it
White girls with a ass fat like skinnies
Group sex on tour, every night a new city
In the club with my Louis bag
You know that bitch got dope in it
My credit card like Silkk The Shocker
Black card with no limit


[Verse 3: T.I.]
You know, all the time I'm on the grind
Sucker, better get fuck shit off your mind
The .45 gon' keep fuck boys in line
I run up on 'em, tell 'em "separate yours from mine"
They way behind and I'm way ahead
Ridin' with a bitch gettin' major head
She like: "Damn, homeboy, we ain't made it yet?"
I'm like: "Not if you ain't swallowed these babies yet"
Okay, everywhere that I go out, I'm walkin' in and I show out
And man, all the dough that I throw out
Is sure to turn these lil' hoes out
These bitches already knowin' that everywhere that I'm goin'
I'm in a fast car that cost a quarter-mill
And I'm ridin' it like it's stolen
Hustle Gang, gangrene, in God we trust
Anybody gettin' money is down with us
"Fuck you" to the nigga who was talkin' tough
But not because you talkin', cause you broke as fuck
That shit contagious, they probably hatin'
I shop at Neimans, you shop at Macy's
Yo J's dirty, I paid 30
For a one-way trip on a plane Thursday
Hope lames heard me, got cash in hand
50 grand all wrapped in elastic bands
Nigga wanna be the man, I'm past the man
Fuck with me, they will never see your ass again
I'll turn your ass to a rocket, to the moon you go
Like some shit that you done seen on cartoons before
You can't hide nowhere my goons won't go
Turnt up last night, finna do it once more, aye

[Outro: Young Jeezy]
Everytime I go out, you know I gotta show out

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