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Singing A Journal Entry

It's the morning once again
Feel like floating, dew on my skin
And the town is sleeping, the clock keeps missing the hour, and I leave
It's the morning again

And the showers drip on ahead
And the grass is green once again
And the birds are chirping, the flowers slurping and I think I found my head
Here's the showers again

Comes the evening pounds on my chest
And we're running around the hedge
And the skateboards rolling, the laughter's showing, this somebody's here in the end
Here's the evening once again

See the purple fill up the sky
Crickets chirping all through the night
And the dog is sniffing, the pool is glistening, the moonlight is on its way
See the darkness again

The brightest darkness I've ever met
It's a mind oasis, a place that's saving, it's become home in my head
It's the morning once again
I wish to thank you my oldest friend.

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