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If you got something good, don't take it for granted.
Hear me.

It's time I learn, a lesson, from my drama
With the wall of this so that you dont have to feel the pain
I just gotta tell you, that one man loss is, another man's gain.


Now you're the type to take your girlfriend, for granted.
You should treat her like the finest thing on this here planet.
And I know you're gonna wanna hit them, the minute that you see her with them.;
Cause you got caught slippin.

slippin, slippin, slippin
now your girls gone missin.
missin, missin,
now youre all alone,
wishin, wishin, wishin.
that there was something you could do she's with them because you got caught slippin.

Woah, how soon my brothers that we forget, yeah
All the thangs we did just to get her, mmm
All the game that we spit.
All the flowers, conversations for hours.

Now weeee don't talk that long.
And the love making, ain't that strong.
Feeling like, she doing something wrong.
(cause you and I know)
She's moving on , gottah be strong.
All because you were slippin.

Slippin, slippin, slippin.
And that's why she gone missin,
Missin, missin, missin.
Now your at home,
Wishin, wishin, wishin.
That you could rewind to the time, she was yours.
You got caught slippin.

(ooooohh, ohhhhh. ooooh, yeaaaa. ohhhh, Ohhhhh, oh oh.)
miss you babe. want my baby back.*?
all because you were out (out of) slippin.

slippin, slippin, slippin.
now your girl gone yeah,
she dippin, dippin dippin.
no you cant trip (cause you did it too)
trippin, trippin, trippin.
no you regret it,
you can dish it. ohhh
but you cant take it.

(slippin, slippin, slipping.)

you lookin like alone
(cause she gone.)
missin, missin, missin.

oh where did she go,
wishin, wishin, wishin.

oh i know you wish you can take it back.(ohh)
but you got caught slippin. ah shes gone!
but you got caught slippin. you want her to come back home, but she wont.
but you got caught slippin. you got caught
but you got caught slippin. i know its hard to accept it
but you got caught slippin. you got caught up
but you got caught slippin. she wont
but you got caught slippin. but you got caught slippin.

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