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Da da dai, da dai, da da dai, dai
Du du du du du
Du du du du du du du du
I really need you with me it`s so lonely in this city
If you never knew what you wanted
How could you know just
What you`re missing

I just spent all my money on some shit I didn`t need
Watch me swallow my insanity with bottles of `legri`
Yeah, I`m walking through the city but it`s feeling like a ghost town
Yeah, I`m dreaming that you`re with me, but you`re gone I`m so alone now

Hating this situation, I`m too tired of facing the feeling I`m craving
This life is amaing, but something is missing, and don`t call me crazy but I feel like living way up in the stars
If I believe hard, I can make it
I`m trying to take a spaceship, this delay is fucking reigning

I`m wandering alone to places that I`ve never been
I`m putting my mind in the sky, letting the whole world in
My personality is ninety-two or ninety-three
Let`s get lost up in the past, why don`t you spend this day with me

You couldn`t pay me to be lazy on this perfect day with you
Thinking of a payment plan iz go(at) standard substitute
Got a blunter so in love with you
Coping with his drugs to pose
Life`ll keep on living
We`re just waiting for the summer, tchuuh

He wouldn`t know what you`re missing
Left with no one`s permission
Writing rhymes in your kitchen while you`re changing your clothes
I`m turning smiles to frowns
Now nobody`s around
So here`s a song with some more shitty thoughtsoroh

I`ll be thinking of you
As I stare up at the sky
Darling, you`re my favourite
Reason to cry

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