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Smoked Out Dabbed Out

[Verse 1]
Show up with them bags, full of them bands
High on alert, I'm high as a kite
Hoes on the couch, my niggas is faded
This shit is crazy, I'm bout to set off in this bitch
Hollywood hills, the money is real
Coke in your nose, table of blow
10 car garage, nowhere to park
Ratchet bitches, love to walk
Fine ratchet bitches tall light skin with red hair
Gucci slippers, Victoria Secret, the red pair
We fuck get high like Lenny and Yoko Ono
Will I remember you tommorow, that's something I don't know

Smoked out, dabbed out, all my homies passed out (x3)
Smoked out, leaned out, living with them [?]
I'm on the dab slumped up
I'm on the dab throwing up
I'm on the dab all these bitches
I'm on the dab smoked out

[Verse 2]
20 racks, blowing bands
First class, big planes
Fly ho, from Instagram
What you know, been a fan
You all in the gram, you blowin her up
I came in her mouth, I'm throwing her out
What did you think, I'm worth 20 mill
Hollywood hills, the money is real
Xanax and liquor all in my system
Beaned up, man down
All of my niggas is dabbed out bout to shut this shit down
Fire alarm, the neighbors is hating, the neighbors is hating
I offered her liquor, she offered me shrooms
I'm fucked


Shout out to the legends Bone Thug And Harmony, yessir
I give no fucks, just do that shit
If i wanna go to the strip club or something just walk in that mothafucka, give no fucks, and do what I do, you know
And when I walk in the biz its me, you know what I'm saying
Fuck it, I'm just gon' do it, give no fucks
Whatever I wanna do let me do it man

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