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Yeah Hoo! [3x]

Soulja Boy over all our ball hard after all
Goddamn you Little Dre, my tie shine like Omaha
Fuck what you talking about
Now made that pills that come up off
Word around town, twenty two in a fucking drought
Little Dre chain me
Instead of whipping
Nigga you ain't daisy
Not Smith & Western
Cutthroat niggers all about their dollar bill
Getting money I could kill this, that's how the fuck you feel?
Riding through my hood feeling plot, real shit Little Dre I'm loaded low can maybe we draw
Call the plot, twenty K don't foul law
Two hundred beans
We going up
Now everybody asking, what the motive, nigga know it, we don't smoking
My young niggers control it, yeah we rolling
These niggers are some horse shit
My niggers know some more shit
My niggers gone on more cliffs
Hee, heehee
Everybody asking what the problem?
Everybody know I'm fucking balling or gobbling
Everybody know that I'm a motherfucking roller
Fuck what you talking, got a chip on whose shoulder
Eat that motherfucker come, I'm savage and I'm hungry
Nigga looking in my plate, nigga what, you want it?
Fuck nigga
What the fuck you niggers talking about
I'm talking money by the large amount
Cash up nigga, SODMG bitch
I know you see a tat there on my sleeve bitch
Gets your white girl showing cleavage
What you talking about, these niggers want to beat us
They can't
I'm too original
I'm too official talk to clips like little Fifty
My niggers can't miss the epidemic, Ocean Gang we fucking winning, niggers know we fucking swimming
Splash up like it's nothing
Niggers asking why we getting too much money
Soulja Boy the movie
Bitches on that
Money coming in
Go rolling
Time to come flexing
Fuck what you heard man, I swerve in a Lex
Baby momma takes
Goddamn gorgeous
Hopping at the frontal
Rubs like Wheel of Fortune
All so important
Came out the water
Soulja Boy swaging
Now baby place his order
Money roll jizz, like California
Cashed up I'm on it
Money gang, yeah we won it, we're a mile up on it
All up on it
Worldstar hip-hop
Came out the water with the....

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