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Soul Brother

God bless my soul here he comes nowThe man with the most how does he do it?Sure he's got style he's so heavyHe's a trip can do anythingAnything anythingHe's my soul brotherHe's my best friend he's my championAnd he will rock you rock you rock you'Cause he's the saviour of the universeHe can make you keep yourself aliveMake yourself aliveOoh brother cause he's somebody somebodyHe can loveHe's my soul brotherWhan you're under pressure feeling under pressureYeah pressure yeah pressure[Soul Brother lyrics on http://www.elyricsworld.com]He won't let you downWhan you're under pressureOh feeling under pressure yeah pressureSo he won't let you downHe won't he won't he won't let you downHe can do anything anything anythingHe's my soul brotherYea ah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeahOoh soul brother anything (soul brother)Anything (soul brother) anything (soul brother)He's my soul brother brother brother brother brotherAnything (soul brother) anything (soul brother)He's my soul brotherSoul brother he can do anythingHe can do anything'Cause he's my soul brother

Date Added: 2007-05-06
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