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Sound Of Siren

Intro: Busy Signal

Star(?) no, no, no… Busy!
Major Lazer, dem fi know
Represent J.A., U.S.A, U.K
M.I., M.I., M.I., M.I.A

Chorus: M.I.A

When the police sound the siren
Boys dem they claim we wildin’
From the rooftop on the building
We bare(?) lie on the board core(?) ceiling
Tomorrow you be tuning (?)
30,000 year we breaking
Find out their frequency, for the new uprising

Verse: Busy Signal

Officer, Officer
When you lock off the dance wan know what we fi do
Music hits you feel no pain it no kill, oh no
Parl(?) it do and make you rock when it walk in, it new(?)
You feel the punchline, the bassline, the girls whine dem waistline
M.I.A. spit the fire sparking in you
Gangsta no make false alarm
Watch how you step pon road cause man we blast the car n’ yeah
And if it’s on, it on
Ca’ [cause] when the cops ah swarm, me ah tell you better run for yah car
Me a fi get mine, even if me haffi strap up with the tech nine
Informer seed never charge(?) ah next time
(Major Lazer) (M.I.A.)
We hustling so we sure about our next dime (Hot head)
So everyday we brief we make the Gs, so we
Ship the keys across the seven seas, ah we
Never itch for machine fi squeeze ca’ [cause] we
Ah fi protect we self from enemies, ah we
Many more we left to suffer, many more deceased
Can’t forget the money’s like a damn disease, so me
Hot head, hot head

Major Lazer dem fi know

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Verse

Repeat Chorus

Bridge: Busy Signal
If I walk come around don’t say no no
When Police come around don’t say no no
If I walk come around don’t say no no
(Hot head) Police come around don’t say no no
(Repeat x4)

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