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Spill Your Guts

[Verse 1]
Out on the cliff with the storm above
They don't know what you're capable of
But I know where you are
Just come along and let it out
Words they say are the deepest cut
You cram it inside and you're penting it up
And I know it's tough
But burying at sea is not enough
Oh can I hope
That you'll open up
We don't talk enough, we don't talk enough
You just coop it up, you've gotta spit it out
Spit it out
Spit it out
Spill your guts

[Verse 2]
When you know it's time you can cross that line
You can feel the rage fall down your spine
Cause the scum acts clandestine
You can rip out their small intestine
When it's time to go you can save your soul
Spill your guts, let the bile and blood flow
Are you gonna spew? Say it's true
So let the power of words compel you
In your maelstrom
The world holds out, you jump in
Now we'll see if you gonna sink or swim?
Your tornado
The world holds out, you jump in

Spit it out, spit it out
Don't be this way, you'll work it out now
Spit it out, spit it out
If you don't get it out tonight, it'll eat you up
Spill your guts

[Verse 3]
When you're filled with rage; engage
If you got it stacked on your plate
Smash that plate
No way, if you're gonna take to the stage
Don't wait if you gonna turn that page
When you got your back to the wall
Swing back at them like you're ten feet tall
When you go out with a blaze
Reign down like it was the end of days
What this entails
Exhale and expurge entrails
Don't care if they're gross details
Stay on the rails
Think positive and don't say fail
When you feel left out cold
Take a deep breath, don't thrash at the world
Said when you get left in doubt
Know that you got to


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