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Spragga Benz (born Carlton Grant in Kingston, Jamaica on May 30, 1969), is one of Jamaica's most famous Deejays. He began his career around 1991. Once known to his friends as Spaghetti (tall and slim) but later shortened to Spragga. The Benz in his name comes from the sound system for which he used to work for, L.a. Benz, and it is through this that he found his way into the music business at a Dubplate recording session with Buju Banton. The famed elder DJ was slated to do 4 tracks for L.a. Benz but only voiced two and suggested that Spragga do the other two.

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Spragga Benz Lyrics
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Short Information
Spragga Benz
Birth Name
Carlton Errington Grant
Spragga Benz
Birth Date
30 May 1969
Birth Place
Kingston, Jamaica|Kingston, Jamaica
Deejay, Actor, Musician
Years Active
VP Records|VP, Capitol Records|Capitol