Natasha Bedingfield - Stepping Stone Lyrics

Stepping Stone

Day dreamin' at a bus stopZonin' out when it hit me hit meWe're all marchin' to the same beatBut no one knows where we're goingIt's hard for me to keep upWearin' shoes that don't fit me fit meSo I'm gonna kick them offAnd put on a pair of my ownThe path of least resistanceIs easy too easyLike roasted versus instant Under pressure we become refinedChorus:I'm takin' the hard roadAs long as it's my ownI'm takin' the hard roadEach rock is a stepping stoneI'm takin' the hard roadWith all of its highs and lowsAnd whatever rocks life throwsEach rock is a stepping stone[Stepping Stone lyrics on http://www.elyricsworld.com]One foot in front the otherThe scenery not so pretty prettyDon't wanna shut it outI'm living and I'm growin'Ain't lookin' for a shortcut'Coz every time they short change me change meI won't sidestep the problems'Coz I'm learning how to use them so....(Chorus)Like when you broke my heart you....Loved me then you loved me notPickin love apart like petalsLike when it's close but no cigarIt's hard to find the guts not to settleThe path of least resistance Is easy too easyLike roasted versus instant Under pressure we become refined(Chorus x2)

Date Added: 2008-03-26
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