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Strange Places

Clover walked inIn his baggy jeans and his prada shoesHe had a nice shirt, nice scent, nice iceBut he's not the one--the one I'd chooseHe was the type I never hadCountry and thug with lots of classSomething inside me made me hesitateSo I made him waitDidn't think he was the one to treat me rightUntil he found the love I tried to hideHe saidChorusLove lives in strange placesIt's the obvious that never showsIt just might find you when you least expect itYou'll never know, you'll never knowUntil you just let go[Strange Places lyrics on]Now my baby sister's got a two wayAnd a cell phoneShe's always happy when she gets a pageBut that's not love, girl, that's not a homeReal love isn't digital, isn't physicalIt's the one that can reach insideAnd you don't know why, but it makes you wholeSo if you want the one who reaches deepLet him see the you that's underneathChorusIt's in the corners of the skyIn the shadows of your mindThe unexpected suddenlyLike the child of destinyNo, you can't control the waySo just have faithChorus

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