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Talking Winning

Da-damn, them watch cost a ticket
When they caught the Phantom let them know that I’m winning
Walk inside the club, gold bottles be specific
Everything on me, let them know I’m winning
I’m talking winning, everyone’s winning
Walk inside the venue, and we with the bizness
(When they caught the Porsche let them know that I’m winning
I’m talking winning, everyone’s winning)

[Verse 1]
Soulja boy swag, cold so polar
I got so many cars, Soulja boy motors
Pull up and I’m flexing on rodeo drive
I got 55 racks and my pocket going live
Stacks on deck boys, we all about them plays
I be like hold on homie, you don’t know what we hate
It be hood dre flexing and sod flexing
I be pulling up on pipes 24 and flexing
Everywhere we go you know that we winning
Big bank wrote a letter know that we winning
Everybody know that my whole squad is winning
Stacks on deck, we gonn kill em, we gonn kill em
I’m pulling up and I hurt the haters’ feelings
Everybody know Soulja boy straight grilling
I’m on the hook and it’s a great feeling
Taking over everyday, niggas straight drilling


[Verse 2]
Them music I’ve been making got me knowing that I’m king
I create art every time I pull up on the scene
Gold on my neck and I keep a full magazine
Got a phone call so you know it’s time to do my thing
I done woke from my slumber and I’m bout to break it down
I keep talking not the pound, see you at the finish line
They ain’t give it to me so I went ahead and took it
Soulja Boy my name, hitting plays and making juice bitch
And this song that I’m on, man you know I’m going ham
I go so hard, put that shit on Instagram
I’m flexing through my city and they knowing that it’s me
Got my face on MTV, I swag hard, you low key(Turn up, turn up)
Pulling up, we making play, I be cashing out
Stacking out, every damn day
In my stash house, and condo house, chilling every day
We post up with a 100k might throw it in your face


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