Babyface - Tears Lyrics


Written by babyface (1997)Performed by the isley brothers featuring ronald isleyThank you, babyFor the years you've given meFor each beat of my heartFor every breath I breatheThank you, sweetieFor the best times of my lifeThrough the good, through the badYou were always by my sideI never thought I'd meet someoneWho loves unselfishlyBut I appreciate the way you loved and sacrificed for meI can't hold back these tearsLet me cry (although a man's not supposed to cry)If I hold back my tearsI'll just die (you've given so much to my life)Thank you, ladyFor the joy you bring to lifeWhen I thought all was lost and gone[Tears lyrics on http://www.elyricsworld.com]You brought hope back in sightThank you, honeyFor being my best friendWhen I thought no one understoodYou would always understandI used to think that I knew loveAnd what true love should meanNow I know that I did not know much'cause you taught me everythingHookGod so loved the worldThat he blessed us all with youAnd then he gave me a heartNow I'm giving it to youAnd these tears I cry are tears of joyMy happiness, I do rejoiceIn the love you give unselfishlyYour constant sacrifice for meHook 2 times

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