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Yeah, this ones for you my darling
It's all for you, yeah you
Girl, I know you see me
All these guys wish they could be me
So high, they can't reach me
Grab your hand, now we're leaving
Let's go to my place
There's no time to waste
I can tell by that look on your face
That you don't want to wait
And we could take this slow if you want to
Have a drink and see how shit goes
I just wanna touch you
Dim the lights let's lose our clothes
Oh, let's lose our clothes
Dim the lights let's lose our clothes
I'm a comfortable mess
Everytime we get undressed
And we head to the bed
And your down for some sex
It's only for one night girl
I'll make you feel so right girl
Turn off all the lights girl
Your boys shining to bright girl
I know I am your side dish
You call me from your sidekick
I don't answer your call
Cause I know you like it
I whispered let's leave this wish a mystery
You'll just end up leavin and missin me
Wishin you were kissin me
And never be forgettin me
Hopefully you'll never be regrettin me
Girl, it's sad to say I miss you
I wish for one last time I could just kiss you
Damn, un-official t. mills teaser
Stay tuned
Fuck it, I'm out!

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