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Tell Me

VERSE 1laying next to yousaying to myself girl when ur gone figure this outcuz im sick of being the fooldoing it your way playing the same gamei remember how it used to becouldn't get it enough of meand it don't feel rightit seems like you don't want me anymoreCHORUSwon't you tell me who's taking your loveyour love besides mewho's telling you i'm not the onenot the one you needwhen i was always there for youhow you gonna act a foolwon't you tell mei wanna knowwho's taking your love awayVERSE 2heh, now i'm looking at you[Tell Me lyrics on]saying to myself girl when you gonna open your mouthwhile he's making love to youstaring in your eyes telling you those liesthe situation's getting oldi'm feeling like you gotta goand it don't feel rightit seems like you don't want me anymoreCHORUSBRIDGEyou know i've compromised my heartsat back and watched it fall apartyour playing me now you're out of linei won't be a fool no not this timewell, take a good look from head to toeim leaving and i won't take no mo'this time it won't be me being lonelycuz i know u ain't gone tell meCHORUS (2x)

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