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Temple Of Lunacy

I renounce my duty to serve the world
For I have failed, failed to save myself
Pray for me
Even if I cannot see this tragedy
I am the eye of the tempest
With fury in my hand
f*ck this, I'm sick of feeling worthless
I bridge the gap between myself and the abyss

I fight the fear of death
Silhouettes are descending around me
I can't deliver what the world expects of me
What the world expеcts of me
Defeatеd by this disease
I conjure all the strength it takes
To defy adversity
But in my dreams, I'm dyin'
Show me freedom in my doubt
Trapped inside, I'm clawin' out
But here I am, still breathing

Now I am fluent in the language of the cynic
Drink from the mouth of deception
Through malice I am born
Witness the true face of hypocrisy

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Date Added: 2022-07-01
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