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Tha Past

Keep it hood...

Always seems to be, something in the past, won't let me go
Always seems to be, something in the past, won't let me live

[Verse 1]
Two niggas came together
Trying to get their game together
Separate and change directions
Separating chain selections
Now they in separate sections
Always used to ride together
Slide and get high together
Used to always make it happen
One was stuntin, one was clappin
Now they both feeling trapped and
Used to bang Eric Clapton
Everyday in every way
Smoking each and everyday
Dumped to Curtis Mayfield on a load of Layla Hathaway
This is what I have to say
I remember...you don't stay down with me, but fuck it
Whatever's gonna be, just let it be, don't just say nothing
Soon as I do something for me to get a little further
Everybody wanna trip like I didn't deserve it
Now when I see niggas like two or three years later
They still ain't got over the fact that I'm making some paper
Stop tripping boy what's done ain't no changing up
Glocks spitting boy it's done ain't no changing up
All over the past


[Verse 2]
Nigga, let the past go
Stop tripping nigga, before a nigga have to start chipping niggas
Before a nigga have to get to chipping niggas
Get to busting niggas, like fuck them niggas
In the middle of the warzone it happens
All the games is over, full metal jackets
I ain't tripping y'all, all about the cash
That's all a nigga 'bout, from the inside to out
I run amok nigga, don't give a fuck nigga
Suge and Kurupt nigga, don't give a fuck nigga
I roll the streets nigga, cock back the heat nigga
Y'all niggas weak nigga, nickels spreading leak niggas
You know about Gotti, run up on anyone
You helped create me nigga, stop trying to quake me nigga
I'm 'bout to toss fire, since I ain't a dog
Reborn to rebirth of a pure hog
Fuck the past nigga!


[Over Hook]
Right after that
Something about the past nigga
You know...shit...
Know what I'm saying
It's like they told me, it's natural
Know what I mean? roll with niggas for so long
You know, but when I go and do something for myself
You know, shit...I used to smash for y'all
Something about that past man
Niggas don't know how to let shit go, just roll
Know what I mean?
You gotta love me for who I am
Fuck the past (my ups and down)
If it's not positive nigga, fuck the past
Know what I'm saying, nigga (my rights and my wrongs)
Mark Sparks these niggas is bitches
Sup Dave
Oh man, tell these niggas man
Always seems to be, in the past nigga, won't let me live, let me live
Let me live nigga, let me live nigga, let me live nigga

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