Young Jeezy - That Ain't It (Uhh Uhh) Lyrics

That Ain't It (Uhh Uhh)

Aye T!
I think my stock just went up baby!
Aye yeah?, lets go!
Yeah! See you know I attain the words.
It’s motherfuckin lights out nigga.
So you know what dis about nigga.
C.T.E. nigga.
I respect you.
Fear none.
That ain’t it nigga.
Say whatchu want.

Lets go!

Ima palm first, ye aint first ya last, work go fast, ricky bobby on dat ass,
you don't really want me bringing up you niggas past, you don't really want me gettin at you niggas ass, the 44 vocal booth, I own the black coupe, with the tan seats, me and my tan freak, it’s for my red bitches, lil red bitches, built like a pick, I kill it like vick, what it is 4? que pasa holmes?, I’m in virginia air if not gettin my lobster on, leaving cells every wayne I aint talkin lobster holmes, 2 cities sittin right I’m gettin my posh on, hey guess what’s in my lap?, got 2 23s, you bullshiting me? You niggas ain’t killin me, they say you acting funny, I say you damn right, you never liked a nigga anyway, whats in the damn thang? Boy you to damn bright, turn down that damn ice, smart nigga beat the streets better air nike, straight kilo and you lil niggas aint oh'ing, and where I’m headed dawg you lil niggas ain't going, first of all you ain't got enough cash money, second of all you ain't seen enough cash money. True story when I first heard cash money I was on my way over T, with my last money.

So all I gotta say is Uh-uhhh.

That ain't it.
See I'm back now.
So it’s on wit it.
See I beat y’all.
And y'all watching.
So I'm poppin.

So all I gotta say is Uh-uhhh.

That ain't it.
See I'm back now.
So it’s on wit it.
See I see y'all.
And I’m watching.
So I’m flying.

So all I gotta say is Uh-uhhh. X2

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