Yattering - The Art Of The 20th Century Lyrics

The Art Of The 20th Century

I let flow - moreAnd more - I smashPieces of you on the wallYour body no longer resists -You are to surrender -- You are to die.Murder instinct - madnessI entertain the worldSociety turnsReality to nightmareI kill - therefore I amBe quiet boy,Why do you fear?I'll highlight your life......on TV they'll show you --With a razorI rip your crotchDon't blame me for this...Be quiet boy.Expression --With an axe I createThe art. of the 20TH century.A scream...Why do you scream girl questionWe'll entertain the peopleBe polite,You're so important to meA piece of flash... I need youYou are to surrender --You are to dieBloody dream - therefore I am!
Yattering The Art Of The 20th Century

Date Added: 2007-12-19
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