Babyface - The Best of Love Lyrics

The Best of Love

Written by michael bolton, babyface (1997)Performed by michael boltonI got this somethin' to tell youThere ain't no doubt in my mindAll I'm askin' is to keep you near foreverJust 'till the end of timeBaby, I know, where love growsAnd my heart is overflowin'You're so fine and so trueI wanna spend my time, spend my time with you, babyI've got the best of loveWith every breath and every beat of my heartYou know you've got me by my deepest emotion'cause you keep givin' me the best of lovePassion and sweet inspiration[The Best of Love lyrics on http://www.elyricsworld.com]So rare and so hard to findYou are my journey and my destinationQueen of this heart of mineBaby, I know, where love growsIn my life is overflowin'You're so fine and so trueI know I've got it all, all because of you, babyHookWith every moment that passes byThis love goes onIt keeps growin' strongerAnd the more we're togetherThe best keeps gettin' better, babyHook 3 times

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